OpenIRIS, a system co-developed by several European research institutes, has been chosen to serve as the University's database of research equipment. The system also has features to support sharing, such as reservation calendars and the possibility to determine prices for use hours, which are in use with serveral resources.

The implementation was pilotted with units in Turku Bioscience Center and Institute of Biomedicine during academic year 2018-2019 and the experiences were promising. Before the pilot projects, other options were also considered - including developing the database inhouse as well as commercial options.

During the pilot project, best practices and suitable configurationsa were determinded in preparation for the university-wide impelementation and the work continues on a continuous improvement basis in cooperation with several academic groups and university service units.

A corresponding project is also ongoing in Åbo Akademi and one of the goals is also to facilitate co-operation with research institutions in the Turku area, by implementing compatible research infrastructure databases.

Service description in university intranet

User instructions in eDuuni wiki